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Save 20%-50% on most dental procedures

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Your smile will recognize the difference!

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*plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $9.95.

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Dental: DenteMax®
Vision: EyeMed® and National Lasik Network
Hearing: HearPO®
Prescription Drugs: MedImpact
Chiropractic Services and more: ChooseHealthy®

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A healthier life for only $12.95 a month!

Save on Vision, Hearing and
Wellness Services along with
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Dental Solutions by DenteMax®

Dental Solutions is one of the most affordable, wide-ranging and easy-to-use discount dental cards in the country.

Dental Only

Powered by DenteMax's national network of dentists, members enjoy saving from
20%-50% on most dental procedures with access to over 156,000 credentialed dental access points including a complete specialty network. DenteMax® has been proudly delivering a quality dental network for over 28 years and has more than 8 million members nationwide.

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Wellness Complete

The optional Wellness Complete card adds excellent discounts from EyeMed®, National Lasik Network, HearPO®, MedImpact and Choosehealthy® to maximize your savings on vision, hearing, prescription drugs and healthcare services.

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Easy to use! Easy to get! Easy to save!